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Setting Up Services

If you are considering private pay home care (care not covered by Medicare and Medicaid), you may be confused about what services or care options are available.

When you contact House Calls Home Care , our knowledgeable care coordinators will ask you questions to help you figure out exactly what you need. We'll explain the services available to you, and when you are ready, we can arrange for your care -often within 24 hours.

If you are still unsure of how many hours or days make sense for your specific situation, or you have a loved one who is resistant to accepting help in his or her home, we offer a low-cost, in -home Assessment Session with a nurse, who will recommend the type of services and amount of care that are best for you.

For all clients receiving personal care, the nurse will create a customized Plan of Care- a description of all the client's issues and needs-for the home health aide to follow. The nurse will visit the client every 60 days to review the Plan of Care, make any necessary changes, coordinate all services provided by House Calls Home Care staff, and oversee the care and the staff to ensure that your needs are always fully met.

In addition, House Calls Home Care creates a Client Profile before assigning a home health aide.

Our commitment means that if you're not happy with your home health aide for any reason, we'll provide a replacement.