How to Become a Paid Caregiver for a Family Member?

How to Become a Paid Caregiver for a Family Member?

Nursing homes are not the only option; here are some easy steps on how to Become a Paid Caregiver for a Family Member.

What could be more honorable than taking care of a family member in their old age or disability? Many cultural traditions see younger family members take care of their elders as they age; while for others they feel like no paid aid can put the same effort and heart into caring for their family as they can. Whatever the reason, why not be compensated for your hard work, and find out how you may already qualify to become a paid caregiver for a family member in need of care.

Become a Paid Caregiver for your family member with these easy steps:

  1. Check eligibility for your state Medicaid plan: eligibility, coverage, and benefits differ from state to state
  2. Call the state Medicaid office and ask about self-directed care plans
  3. The claimant is assessed for need, strengths, risks, and abilities by the centers for Medicare and Medicaid and then required a service plan with details of what the daily job entails:
  •       Bathing
  •       Dressing
  •       Mild Transport (bed to wheelchair)
  •       Housekeeping
  •       Meal preparation
  •       Feeding
  •       Laundry
  •       Supervision
  •       Shopping
  •       Transportation
  •       Medication compliance
  1.   Find out if your family member is eligible for Veterans Aid as well
  2.   Ask your company if they offer paid leave for family caregivers?
  3.   Determine whether your family is willing to pay you themselves for your caregiving time
  4.   Ask yourself if your willing to give the sacrifice

CDPAP NY: The New York Medicaid Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program

Each state operates differently when it comes to becoming a paid caregiver and the CDPAP NY helps your family member get the help they need from you, and the financial stability you need to continue providing. The patient in need must have been eligible for New York Medicaid and the PA must apply to NY CDPAP program by contacting their local Department of Social Services.

  • Participants must work with their assigned county caseworker and medical professional to assess what the patient’s level of care must be to then draft the personalized care plan.
  • Patients can then choose their own designated caregivers for services up to a selected amount of hours per week, as long as the family member is not a legal guardian or spouse they are eligible for compensation
  • The payment is done through a third party financial management agency
  • New York Veterans Could be eligible for the VD-HCBS program and should contact the New York State Division of Veteran Affairs.
Sacrifices of the job may include:
  • Leaving behind the career the caregiver had previously if the family member requires extensive hours and utmost levels of care.
  • Major life shifts, less freedom and have someone else relying on you
  • Handling any resentment you could have towards making sacrifices for the patient’s wellbeing
  • Dealing with any personal anxiety that comes with the job


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