CDPAP Keeps The Elderly In Control And Within Their Homes Amid COVID-19

CDPAP Keeps The Elderly In Control And Within Their Homes Amid COVID-19

As the nation continues to combat the spread of COVID-19, there is an increasing need for at-home care for the elderly during these trying times. That’s where our home health aids for Coronavirus prevention step in to help seniors receive timely medical care in the comfort of their homes.

Those eligible for our CDPAP COVID Care services can choose a personal assistant who can be anyone except for a parent, spouse, or designated representative. The PA also administers medicine, injects insulin, and provides oxygen therapy, tracheal suctioning, and tracheostomy management.

HouseCalls Home Care helps in managing all NYS CDPAP Changes, from finding the right person and training them, to ensuring that all requirements are being met.

The Need For Better Health Care

Unfortunately, there is no telling how and when things might finally return to normal once COVID has been reduced. Though the majority of the research on the coronavirus front is inconclusive, it’s no secret who is most at risk for Coronavirus.

95% of COVID-19 deaths are people who are 60 and over, and 50% of deaths are of people who are 80+ years. This is because, with age, our immune system gets weaker and becomes unable to fight off other more common bacteria or infections. Because of this, the elderly become much more susceptible to other diseases, including COVID-19. Their immune system suddenly becomes overloaded and cannot fight it.

Long story short, the disease is highly contagious, and if the recommended practices are not followed, it can have deadly consequences, especially for the elderly.

Home Health Against The Coronavirus

Adhere to social distancing regulations in NYC, keep your hands clean at all times, and use PPE – these are the only known preventive measures that work against the spreading of the Coronavirus.

With the help of Home Health Aids, our coronavirus services help the elderly stay indoors to prevent any possibility of contamination. No longer do they need to leave their house for medical assistance, unless absolutely necessary.

It is one extraordinary blessing as older adults are the most likely to be affected, and chances of recovery are slim.

Why Choose HouseCalls Home Care?

When people line up at doctors, hospitals, and other medical institutions, the chances of getting infected by any disease like COVID-19 significantly increases. This is why HouseCalls Home Care has quickly become a highly credible source for medical help. We deliver on time, every time, all in the comfort of your home.

Additionally, we play our part in limiting the spread of the virus by ensuring that people get the medical care they need without compromising on social isolation directives. That’s why we provide care at their homes from seasoned professionals.

We follow all CDC regulations to limit the spread of Coronavirus, from wearing appropriate PPE to maintaining a distance, to ensuring everybody’s health and safety – rest assured you are in safe hands.

Get in touch with us if you or a loved one needs home care and let’s get you started.


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