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Durable Medical Equipment 

Durable medical equipment is any medical equipment that can be used in the home to help people have a better life. In most insurance plans, it is a benefit that comes with them. It can be hard to figure out if the item you want will be covered by Medicare, or if Medicare will pay for it. 

Most of the bedridden patients at home require assistance from caregivers and health professionals. Durable medical equipment is one of the essentials to help alleviate the difficulty in the activities of daily living of the patients. 

Durable medical equipment (DME) for home care settings includes wheelchairs (manual and electric), hospital beds (electric and manual), and traction equipment (canes and crutches). 

These are some of the things that make durable medical equipment a viable choice: 

  • Durable 
  • Used for medical reasons 
  • Not usually useful to someone who isn’t sick or hurt. 
  • Used in your home for homecare settings. 
  • It usually lasts at least 3 years. 


Here are the following examples of durable medical equipment: 

  • Blood glucose monitors 
  • Strips for testing blood sugar 
  • Canes 
  • Commode chairs 
  • Continuous passive motion devices 
  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or Two-level Positive Airway Pressure Device 

The following are some of the things you might need for your disability: crutches, hospital beds, home infusion services, infusion pumps, lancets, nebulizers, nebulizer medications, oxygen equipment, and more. 

Medicare Part B provides coverage for the following items: 

  • Replacing an internal organ with a prosthetic device is known as endoprosthesis. 
  • The use of prosthetics such as prosthetic limbs, arms, and even eyes. 
  • Orthotics, such as leg, arm, back, and neck braces that are either rigid or semi-rigid, 
  • Medical supplies of a certain kind 

Caregivers with a kind heart 

At HouseCalls Home Care, our objective is to deliver exceptional, compassionate home care workers and healthcare services to the elderly and disabled in their own homes. Developing and coordinating an individualized care plan for each patient while retaining their independence at home is something we do in close collaboration with hospitals, doctors, and paid caregivers. HouseCalls Home Care is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For general information, please email 

As a registered home care provider in New York City, we are committed to providing compassionate and helpful home health care to those in need. Those services, which will be provided in a dignified and respectful manner, will be accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds, including those with disabilities or from other countries. HouseCalls also helps caregivers by providing continuing education options for professional development.  HouseCalls Home Care is a full-service New York State-licensed Home Care agency that provides a wide range of home health services. Our offices are located at 1950 Fulton Street, New York, 11233. Kindly contact us through email at or call us on +1-718-922-9200. You can log onto for more information.


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