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Most common treatment protocols for dementia-related syndromes 

There is presently no successful treatment for this disease, but there are pharmacological and non-pharmacological solutions that may help manage symptoms. Learning about treatment choices can help those with the condition and those caring for them deal with its signs and enhance their standard of life. House calls Home Care’s Home Health Care Services could be helpful if you’re attempting to find out how to provide adequate care for an elderly relative at home. Some home healthcare firms also provide home assessments and advice on how to finally get around to making those long-delayed repairs and upgrades to the house. 

Dementia treatment options are condition-specific. Currently, there is no cure for neurodegenerative dementia, however, some drugs may actually shield the brain and control symptoms, including anxiety and behavioral abnormalities. More treatments are being developed thanks to continuous research. 

There may be fewer cases of dementia and other chronic diseases if more people adopt healthy lifestyles that include regular exercise, nutritious meals, and social engagements. 


Temporarily alleviating dementia symptoms can be achieved by using the following: 


This drug controls cognitive processes like learning and memory by modulating the release of glutamate. Cholinesterase inhibitors are sometimes used alongside memantine. Dizziness is a typical complaint among those using memantine. 

Anti-cholinesterase drugs 

Medications like Aricept (donepezil), Exelon (rivastigmine), and Razadyne (galantamine) improve cognition by increasing the amount of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. 

These medications are typically prescribed for Alzheimer’s patients, but they may be useful for treating other forms of dementia as well. Side effects may include feeling sick, throwing up, or having diarrhea. Additional potential side effects include a decreased heartbeat, syncope, and trouble sleeping. 

Variant pharmaceuticals  

Depression, sleep difficulties, hallucinations, parkinsonism, and agitation are just a few of the conditions for which your doctor may prescribe medicine. 

Is it possible to avoid getting dementia? 

In spite of the fact that dementia cannot be avoided, some of the risk factors associated with it may be mitigated if the person makes an effort to improve their overall health. 

Giving your brain the oxygen it needs to function at its best is as simple as keeping your blood vessels free of fat accumulation, keeping blood pressure that is normal, keeping healthy glucose levels, and maintaining a healthy weight. Some concrete ways to improve your health are: 

  • Exercise: Try to work out for at least half an hour on many of these days of the week. 
  • Give up the cigarette habit 
  • Eat more fish, shellfish, nuts, legumes, olive oil, fruit and vegetables, and less red meat to reap the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. 
  • Don’t shut yourself away: Maintain your head, heart, and soul active through socializing and in-depth discussion on current events. 
  • Challenge your mind regularly. Activate your gray matter by tackling puzzles, testing your vocabulary, and exploring new ideas. Participating in such pursuits may slow the onset of dementia. 

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