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Stretching Exercises for Seniors 

Anyone over the age of 50 can benefit from senior stretching exercises. If you treat your body well, you can age gracefully and healthily. Most elderly people have limited mobility, strength, and flexibility due to age and other health concerns, thus high-impact activities can increase the risk of injury and should be avoided. Conversely, low-impact stretching is beneficial for increasing the range of motion, strength, stability, and balance in addition to improving coordination. Additionally, they help boost spirits, blood flow, and overall well-being. House Calls Home Care’s Health Care Services can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle by coming to you. Adults and the elderly can benefit from the increased range of motion and muscle flexibility that most exercises provide as a kind of therapeutic enjoyment. The Home Care Agency will guide you through age-appropriate mindfulness practices and other activities to help you determine what areas of your life could use the most attention. 

Neck Stretch 

Keep your spine straight while standing or sitting. Lean left, bringing your left ear as close to your left shoulder as is comfortable. Raise your left hand above your head and tilt your head to the left, over your left shoulder. For up to 30 seconds, hold and then gradually let go. Change positions and do it again. Advantages include increased flexibility in the neck and the ability to maintain a wide field of vision while driving. 

Shoulder Rolling 

Position yourself so that your arms are hanging loosely at your sides when you stand or sit. To perform this exercise, take a deep breath in and raise your shoulders toward the ceiling. The next step is to draw your scapula together and roll your shoulders back. Make little loops with your shoulders by rolling them back. You should do 10-20 reps in one direction, then the opposite way, rolling your shoulders. Benefits include alleviating neck and shoulder pain and fostering better posture. 

Stretches for the shoulders 

Keep your back and chest up while you’re sitting or standing. Put the right arm across your chest and your right hand on your left elbow. Hold for 30 seconds, hold, and then gradually let go. Change positions and do it again. 

Overhead Stretch 

Maintain a tall, erect stance, or sit and interlace your fingers, palms down. While holding your breath, extend your arms above your head with your palms facing the ceiling. You can maintain your position for a maximum of thirty seconds. As you return to the starting position, take a deep breath in. Useful for releasing tension in the abdominals, back, and shoulders. 

Stretching of the Upper Back 

Simply press your palms together while you make a circle while standing or sitting. Get your chin off your chest. Concentrate on spreading your scapula apart while you drive through the other hand. Hold for 30 seconds. Specifically, it is useful for stretching out the rotator cuff muscles and the spinal erector spinae. 

Stretching your Chest 

Raise your arms straight out in front of you, thumbs pointing skyward while standing or sitting up straight. Stretch your arms out and back, maintaining them horizontal to the ground as you do so. Maintain for 30 seconds, and then start over. 

To learn more about these stretches and how they may help you get in shape, feel free to contact our specialists at Doral Health Specialist and House Calls Home Care. The in-home physical therapy will also instruct you on how to perform the exercises properly. Managed long-term care makes it easier for persons with disabilities or chronic illnesses to stay in their own homes and neighborhoods for as long as possible. Before starting a new yoga or workout routine, we ask that you check in with your doctor first. HouseCalls Home Care, situated at 1950 Fulton Street, NY 11233, is here to help if you or a loved one requires assistance with home health care services, including assistance with vocational rehabilitation. If you need specialized medical attention, please contact +1-718- 9200-9200 to make an appointment or send an email to, or you can also log onto

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