Home Health Care Services

I’m 74 years and I have been with Housecalls Home Care for little over a year. I like my home attendant because she is both a good person and we are both Haitian. It’s the same thing for my coordinator, we understand each other culturally. With previous agencies, though they were nice we didn’t always understand each other. At HouseCalls they have coordinators from all over. My Coordinator is very nice and willing, she has never said no to me. It is always yes, or let me figure it out for you Ms. Marie. I would recommend HouseCalls because they give no problem and solve problems if you have any.” — Marie L.

Home Health Care NYC

Henry C.

“HouseCalls Home Care services have been great, and I love everything about them. I have never met my coordinators but they are a pleasure to speak with over the phone, they are pretty good. Issues can sometimes come up but they’re quick at getting down to business and fixing it. Because of that I’d recommend them to anyone looking for services, I give them a 4.5 stars out of five.”

Veran B.

I enjoy being a part of Housecalls because my coordinator is very understanding, and I can always get through to her. She is very patient with me even when I keep her on the phone for long periods of time. And if she is not available any one of the other ladies will help me. My coordinator also tries he best to give me the aide that I want. Even when they send me a replacement it’s like they found my permanent aide’s twin.

Nevine Y.

“I am legally blind and through HouseCalls I am able to be taken care of by people I know, trust and can meet my needs. Especially because I have live in services, and the caregivers need to sleep in my house. HouseCalls made the CDPAP process easy, they came to my home to make sure that I was getting the proper services, they also have competitive rates, which my caregivers were extremely happy to receive!”

Geriatric Care Management
Marcelina De La Cruz

Marcelina D.

I chose this agency because they have good benefits and on top of that they try their best to keep me working. Also my coordinator Michelle is always very kind, compassionate, and treats me well. I work for several agencies, and this is the one that I never have issues with.”

“This is my first time working as an aide. I find it to be a very rewarding and challenging job. It gives me the opportunity to be charitable and compassionate. HouseCalls made it very easy to sign up in the CDPAP program. Naomi made it flawless and easy to start. Most of staff is very efficient and professional.”

–Celia B.