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Unexplained Weight Loss in Seniors 

Weight loss is a natural part of becoming older. Much of this is due to the adjustments in the routine that come with getting older. It’s vital that, while some weight loss is to be predicted, it happens at a reasonable pace. Through the Home Care Agency, seniors can get services like counseling, diagnosis, therapy, improving their physical or mental health, taking medicine for different diseases, and managing long-term care. A home healthcare provider is a typical source for this kind of medical assistance. Clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, and mobile clinics are all examples of these kinds of facilities. 

Physical Illnesses 

Unhealthy weight loss is often diagnosed by a combination of symptoms and a physical examination. Your loved one’s unexpected weight loss could be the result of a number of different causes. Some seniors may experience a decrease in body mass as a result of the effects of chronic illness on their metabolism and way of eating. Therefore, you must incorporate pre-existing medical conditions that have been linked to chemical imbalances into your inquiry. 

Some of the most prevalent health issues that might cause unexpected weight loss are: 

  • Dementia or Alzheimer’s 
  • Cancer 
  • Hyperthyroidism 
  • Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes 
  • Digestive Problems 

There are several more medical disorders that might cause weight loss. Limitations in movement could be a major factor. Thus, those with mobility issues tend to lose muscle rather than fat. 

Issues with Medications 

Medication problems can play a significant role in causing or contributing to losing weight in the elderly. Prescription drugs have been linked to the following side effects on body mass index (BMI), hunger, and food intake: 

  • The patient may become anorexic as a result of them 
  • They have the ability to affect a person’s gustatory and olfactory perceptions 
  • They can induce nausea and vomiting, leading to dysphagia  
  • As a result, patients may experience a dry mouth 

Conflicts of a Psychological Nature 

Unintentional weight loss can cause Alzheimer’s disease as well as other types of dementia. Alzheimer’s patients may experience dramatic shifts in their eating patterns as a result of disease manifestations. 

Depressed seniors may lose weight without trying to. Because of the exhaustion brought on by depression, sufferers often neglect their own needs. Depressive symptoms can arise from a variety of causes, so it’s important to keep an eye out for things like loss of autonomy, chronic pain, and grief. Losing weight quickly can be a symptom of a more serious problem, such as a psychiatric disorder. 

Social Matters 

Being alone for long periods of time might play a big part in why someone loses weight. This might lead to feelings of depression and make it difficult to maintain healthy routines, as there will be no benchmarks against which to judge progress or spot deterioration. Having a caregiver who is competent and, if they are not an expert, has the time to devote to supporting the patient’s health might be a crucial touchpoint in avoiding this. 

One such area where difficulties may arise is insufficient funding. A person’s weight will naturally decrease if they are unable to afford a healthy diet because they would eat less at each meal or stop eating some meals altogether. 

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