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What are the Goals of Nursing Care?

The term “nursing care” refers to a variety of health services offered by staff nurses, certified practical nurses, and nursing assistants with certification, all working in healthcare facilities. Nurses’ job is to keep patients healthy and comfortable while also preventing conditions from getting worse or developing new ones. Hospitals, doctors’ offices, urgent care centers, and residential establishments like nursing homes all offer nursing care. In-home nursing care is another option. Nursing care offers a wide range of services, some of which include caring for wounds, inserting and removing catheters, and delivering intravenous fluids. 

Medical Goals 

  1. Patient and Family Education 

The potential adverse effects of the medications prescribed by the doctors are well explained to family members including the postoperative guidelines which are expected to be followed and proper instructions are given to patients. The purpose of nurses in patient education is to ensure that every patient thoroughly comprehends the details that were provided to them. Nurses take the time to hear out their patients’ concerns and address any questions or concerns they may have either mental or physical complaints. Some nurses take an active role in their local communities, hosting events such as public seminars and workshops where they educate the public on a variety of health-related topics. 

  1. Giving patients excellent care 

Regardless of the setting in which he/she works, a nurse’s main goal is to ensure that each patient receives prompt care, proper medications, high standards, and quality of care. By taking care of basic duties, nurses reduce the length of time patients must wait. For instance, nurses take vital signs and inquire about patients’ medical histories so that doctors can begin treating patients as soon as possible and with the most information feasible. In most cases, it takes more than one person to take care of a patient’s needs. The nurses assist doctors with diagnostic tests and other medical operations. This makes sure that every procedure is carried out correctly. 

  1. Boosting Safety in the Environment 

Any workplace should prioritize safety, but those in the healthcare industry know this better than anyone. People with illnesses or compromised immune systems frequently visit medical facilities such as clinics and hospitals when they feel unwell. Because of this, maintaining a spotless and germ-free environment is of the utmost significance. Nurses are trained to be vigilant during their shifts in order to identify and address any potential hazards that may arise. They take precautions to prevent the spread of disease by sterilizing all of their tools and following the established safety standard protocols. In addition to monitoring patients’ mental health, nurses also look out for potential physical hazards, such as spills, blocked walkways, and unstable visitors. 

Pharmacological Goals 

  • Knowing how to confirm whether a medication is right for a patient and how to do it correctly. 
  • Understanding and observing the proper steps for delivering drugs via various methods (oral, injection, intravenous, and so forth) 
  • Standards for administering drugs that are legal and ethical must be followed by nurses. 
  • Nurses are responsible for ensuring a safe environment for drug therapy and must be mindful of the possibility of medication errors. 

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